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אוגוסט 13, 2020
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We're here for it. From leather furniture, modern and minimalist design to the use of great neutral materials, we can say without a doubt that our collection is diverse and provides a solution to the latest design trends.

Modern interior design

Refers to a design style that gives a home or office a luxurious look. This style has become very popular in recent years and is characterized by straight and clean lines giving a luxurious, up-to-date and impressive look. In order to maintain this line throughout the design process, emphasis must be placed on both the small and large details and the design details that will make up the whole will include elements with clean lines, as few as possible complex examples that have created a load. So remember when you want to achieve this result the elements you choose should be geometric lines and clean items. Minimal is necessary!
My favorite colors are white, black and gray. These colors will allow for a subdued atmosphere. It is always possible to use elements like pillows with a warm hue to emphasize the space and create a unique and inviting style and atmosphere.
Materials like glass, iron, stone and even wood are necessary in order to achieve the desired result.

BOHO design

I definitely appreciate the beauty in minimalist home design but the chaotic rooms are more accessible to me. The pleasant and eclectic atmosphere is attractive to me and is currently the next hot trend.

Use Leather

Leather is a great and changeable material to use when creating your boho look. Try adding a brown leather and butter sofa. Design it with some fur or leave it clean one way or another, it will serve as the perfect focal point in your boho living room. Boho deals with contrasting textures, so adding some geometric glitter pillows is a great way to put an urban twist to this look.

Addition of modern furniture

Adding a thesis of modern design can turn your boho-inspired room into a chic and stylish living space. Adding a shiny, white and modern coffee table surrounded by vintage textiles, hanging plants and a colorful Moroccan rug gives a stylish look. The addition of an unexpected modern accessory is a great way to balance the old with the new. Plus, it looks amazing!

Use minimal color

When trying to achieve a minimalist look, use light colors. Boho areas tend to stick to a strict color palette. Neutrals are your friends, not your enemies. The color will come from your plants or maybe a pillow or two colored. When you keep all the other elements in the space neutral, it creates a relaxing and appealing atmosphere.

Ancient language

Add something old, something new, something borrowed, and your boho design dreams will come true! There is something special that can be said about adding antique furniture when building your chaotic space. Boho's home design trends are about reusing items from the past. This will create a sophisticated spin on the traditional design to which you are accustomed.

Add natural wood

Nothing is perfect, which is why using natural wood pieces as a decoration staple in your boho decoration is the trend right now. Adding natural wood will add a little texture to your room. While the colorful sofa itself is customizable and modern, add boho cushions if you want to add warmth to the place.

Weaving baskets

One of the easiest ways to weave boho vibrations is to use baskets, rattan rugs, bamboo furniture details, etc. Whatever you decide, it will look amazing.

Home design trends

Use interior exterior furniture
Another great trick when creating the desired space is to use outdoor furniture inside. Whether it’s outdoor chairs, bamboo or rattan swings or an outdoor table, these beautiful outdoor chairs will look perfect in the home around your dining table. Many may not know it, but wicker furniture will connect your chaotic room. The use of popsicles or macrame swings will also make the space inviting and comfortable.

Lighting and accessories

Illuminated, terrorist, wood or rattan lighting fixtures will unite your Boho room and complete the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Floor lamps, candles, etc. will be a welcome addition.

Use of natural or artificial vegetation

Embracing the natural world is the main inspiration for this style, so be sure to revive your room with ferns and hanging plants (macrame plant hangers would look great). Not only do they bring extra to the room, but plants also improve air quality and can improve your mood. You can also use cacti, palm trees, etc. – they are easy to care for and are available in many shapes and styles.The use of quality artificial vegetation makes life easier and today the look is so natural that the preference definitely turns in this direction. They do not require special care and they will make your chaos room chic and full of life. When it comes to home decor trends, plants are an absolute must.

Make the space personal

The last thing you need to do to connect your home design trends is add some personal legacies that you will absolutely love. Handmade items for items from your travels. Accessories are meant to tell your story, whether it's rugs, vintage bottles or photos of family members.

Rustic interior design

Rustic interior design, also known as Provencal design, often features warm and inviting homes and creates a comfortable and pleasant home atmosphere throughout the house.

The desire to bring nature into the home and it is important that all items be integrated harmoniously and accurately. A combination of natural wood and stone is necessary to complete the atmosphere. In textiles we will use ornate and rough patterns.
The shades of cream, beige and subtle shades of brown with touches of cushions in shades of red, yellow and green or copper decoration details will do a great job in the spaces you want to design in this style.
One of the characteristics that make the country style stand out from other styles is the use of moldings on different facades, usually the room doors, cabinet and kitchen doors and even ordinary walls get an addition of development that upgrades their flat look. Another feature is the use of external handles that combine the materials that characterize the rustic look.

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