The determining date for counting the delivery days is from the date of receipt of the order confirmation, after the payment for the item will be sent to the buyer of the item according to his address indicated on the website and / or the order confirmation and / or execution of the order.
There will be several shipping options:
By Israel Post within 14 business days or by courier to your home – up to 3 business days from the date of order confirmation or in exceptional areas by courier to your home – up to 5 business days from the moment of order confirmation. Exceptional areas for the purposes of this section are areas that appear in the table of exceptional areas of the Apostles’ Society, including: Golan Heights and Northern Border localities, Arab sector localities, Jordan Valley localities, localities beyond the Green Line (territories), Gaza Envelope, Eilat, Dead Sea and Arava localities.
Business days are weekdays, Sunday to Thursday and do not include Friday, Saturday, holiday eves, holidays, and the Sabbath.
The shipping costs are as follows: When ordering home accessories – 49 NIS, courier to the house, when buying large and / or fragile items – the shipping cost is 180 NIS.
The company reserves the right to add and / or detract from shipping options and / or forms of receipt of the item, all at the sole discretion of the site owner.
If the order is made as a payment transaction, the company has the right to charge the shipping cost in the first payment.
The company will not be responsible for delays and / or delays in shipping made by a third party and / or affected by force majeure and / or strikes and / or shutdowns and / or non-response by the customer to coordinate the delivery and / or any other reason that the site owner could not Prevent it. Such delay will not constitute a breach of obligation to supply the product.
The company will reserve the right to supply the product after the factor that prevents and / or delays the delivery as stated. When the count of days counting for the delivery of the product will continue from the date on which the prevention interrupted the count of days.
Shipping companies sometimes refuse to ship to certain areas, in the situation described an area will be coordinated that will be acceptable to both parties.
The mission service and the coverage areas are at the sole discretion of the site owner, and are within the territory of the State of Israel and all in certain areas only according to the site’s policy. The business reserves the right to change the distribution areas without prior notice and at any time.
If it becomes clear to the company according to its procedures and policy that the item cannot be delivered to the buyer and no other suitable solution can be found, the company may cancel the transaction at any time until the product is delivered. If the transaction is canceled, the customer will be entitled to his money back using the payment method he made the original order and / or the credit charges will be canceled and / or the amount of the charge will be credited, it will be emphasized that the customer will not be entitled to any compensation due to cancellation.
The customer must inform the company if the item was not received during the delivery period stated on the website.
The terms of delivery will be made in accordance with what is stated on the product page if information other than the site’s regulations is listed.
The count of days will begin from the moment of receiving the order confirmation and making the actual payment on the company’s computers as aforesaid.

The user may cancel a transaction he made on the website in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 5741 1981 (hereinafter: “Consumer Protection Law”) and in accordance with the product return policy that will be published from time to time at the Company’s discretion on the website and / or these regulations.
Cancellation of an order will be made from the date of placing the order up to fourteen days from the date of receipt of the product or receipt of a document prepared in accordance with section 14C (b) in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, which includes details about the original transaction.
The buyer will be entitled to a full refund according to the means of payment that made the transaction and / or any other way the site is chosen. All in coordination with the return of the product in the contact details that appear on the website and / or in these regulations – for the purpose of returning or exchanging a product, the buyer must contact us in writing with the order details, for clarification of the referral and confirmation of return. The buyer must confirm receipt of the product with us in writing and that we received the product after delivery and no later than two business days from the time of delivery and at his expense.
Receipt of the product at our office does not constitute confirmation of the return of the product for the purpose of credit.
The product will be returned to the address: Touch Silk Pie Ltd., 3 Haboshem Street, Mevaseret Zion West.
In canceling a transaction, the customer must notify if he is interested in a cash credit on the credit card or a credit for another purchase on the website.
The return of the product will only be possible if the product has not been used and is stored in its original packaging, and without defect and / or wear and tear with the original invoice.
Payment by direct card can not be credited financially but a credit on the site for the purchase of another product.
A transaction made in installments will be refunded in installments on the same credit card where the transaction was made.
If the transaction / order is canceled for any reason other than a reason under the Company’s responsibility, the Company will be entitled to charge 5% of the sale cost for charging the credit company’s fee in addition to the shipping / transportation costs.
A credit option exists only on the condition that the customer is the one who purchased the product, and paid for it with a credit card that is in his possession, and he has the original credit receipt as it was sent to him at the time of purchase.
The conditions of cancellation mentioned above will not apply to products and / or items that have been manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law in Section 14 (c) d-Goods manufactured specifically to the consumer’s order. Unless the business before the law agrees.
The cancellation will be made via email to the company and / or any other way that the site owner deems appropriate and will publish on the site.
Cancellation of the order subject to the customer returning the product to the business at his expense in its original packaging, complete and / or without damage and / or damage and / or defect and / or spoilage when it is in new condition, normal and without use at all.
If you received a product that would have looked different to you on the site itself in its dimensions, color, etc., you should contact the business in an orderly manner and in writing within 14 days as stated. The business has the sole discretion as to whether to get the product back. In any case, if the company decides to cancel the transaction, the customer will be charged 5% and the price of shipping costs.
The company’s warranty will apply as long as the use of the products is reasonably done in accordance with what is acceptable, depending on the type of product.
If you have received a product that you fear is defective, you must contact and notify the business within 24 hours of receiving the product, return it to the business for inspection. A product that is found to be defective under the responsibility of the site owner, will receive a full credit but no cause for compensation will arise.