The company will make a reasonable effort to keep users’ information and not pass it on to a third party, as long as it is not legally necessary to do so, but the site operates online and therefore the company can not guarantee complete immunity from intrusion into its computers or disclosure of information stored by illegal operators. The information held by the company and / or will use this information will not have any claim, claim or demand against the company of any kind and type.
The customer’s details can be used to send details about additional products by e-mail, only after the user’s consent and / or is notified, all in accordance with the law.
The users of the site declare that they know that the company collects statistical information about the activity of its users on the site, among other things through the use of cookie technology and other analytical tools for marketing, business purposes, in order to adjust the site to user preferences and the like.
Cookies are text files that the user’s browser creates on command and saves on the hard drive of the user’s computer. These files contain a variety of information, including the pages the user visited, the length of time he stayed on the site, where the user came to the site, information that the user wants to see when entering the site, and more.
The company encrypts the essential information in the accepted technologies and in accordance with the requirements of the law. For example, the use of SSL technology to transmit encrypted information such as means of payment as is customary on e-commerce sites and / or in accordance with the international standard PCI DSS – a uniform standard for information security for businesses (third-party service).