Green vegetation for organizations

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אוקטובר 17, 2019
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In our Mediterranean summer, the ongoing costs of caring for natural vegetation are time consuming and unnecessary resources. Already more than a decade ago, it was possible to see the significant change in the visibility and touch of the quality green vegetation that we took care to make accessible to the Israeli audience. True, there is a difference in price, but in the final weighting, the result and the value are worth every penny.

The attention to detail, the touch that really feels natural, the accuracy in the color and color of the leaves and the use of natural stems, gives a result of the integrity of the product. The vegetation is durable for a long time, regular maintenance is very easy, just remove dust from time to time and most importantly, even if you decide to touch, you will not always differentiate between the artificial vegetation designed by touching silk, and
The source grows in nature.

Each item in the collection is examined and tested in factories by and by European designers, until it reaches the desired result and from there the road to the country is already within reach.

The trend today is green walls consisting of shed vegetation, scollants, etc. We guarantee the meticulous result with the greatest effect and wish our new customers as old people to continue to choose to touch silk and enjoy creating art in a contemporary style that will not leave viewers indifferent.

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